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Runcorn Senior success at Chester Regatta

Intermediate 1 Eight - Francis Hunt, Matthew Hackett, George Perrin, Jamie Perrin, Mike Dixon, Mike Bennett, Henry Morgan, Dan Norcross, and cox Laura Gardiner - beat Bangor University by 1.5 lengths and won the Frost and Holland Cup. The same crew also competed in an invitation event over a longer course of 1750m

Masters D/E Eight - John Kervin, Eric Bennett, Ben Dunne, Kevin Reynolds, Graham Sunners, George Perrin, Henry Morgan, Matthew Hackett.

Elite Coxless Quad - Phillip Beattie, Alistair Young, Alistair Hudson-Kirkham and George Patrick- beat Loughborough easily and won the Northgate Brewery Cup. The crew also won the Junior 18 Mens Coxless Quad final, winning the Dee Challenge Cup.



Intermediate 2 Double - Dave Street and Seamus Keating won easily, beating opposition Loughborough.



Women's Intermediate 2 Single - Lucy Burgess won easily beating opposition from Grosvenor RC.



Masters E/F Single - Seamus Keating - won the event easily beating opposition Pengwern and secured the Dorman Challenge Cup.

Chris Verrecchia has a slideshow of 120 photographs taken at Chester. To see these click - here


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