Each member of Runcorn Rowing Club, by virtue of being active in Runcorn Rowing Club, will be ambitious to achieve as much as they can in the sport. The club is changing rapidly, and the distribution of coaching instruction is a growing challenge... Question? Who is the most important coach to you at Runcorn, who will be the greatest influence on how well your rowing is progressing? The answer is...


By providing you with the following fundamental information to rowing, you can do most of the work in developing your own rowing skills. It is still useful to have a coach look at you every so-often to make sure that your interpretation of how you are rowing is accurate. There are two ways of developing your rowing performance using the following coaching pages.

• Dip in to a particular aspect of your performance.

• Work in a sequence through the process of rowing improvement.

There is a phasing to the activity when competing, where endurance is important in the winter, and power is the focus of summer regattas. Underlying all of the activity is a technical requirement to be efficient and consistent. This element is called skill, in which we can derive pride and real satisfaction from the sport.

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