Runcorn Rowing Club welcomes anyone who has an interest in coxing. Without the coxswain, no crew boat can be successful; therefore we provide anyone who has an interest in coxing the best support from our coaches to help you become the coxswain you want to be.  So what is a coxswain and what are their responsibilities?

The coxswain (cox) is a fundamental member of the crew and is the person in charge of the boat, particularly its navigation and steering. Coxswains are more than just individuals who simply steer the boat, they are an essential member of any crew and without them no outing, race or success would be achievable.

The role of a coxswain within a crew is to:

  • Ensure the safety of the boat and rowers on the water through reliable steering
  • Command the actions of the boat
  • Provide motivation and encouragement to the crew to get the best out of each individual
  • Assess situations and make any necessary tactical decisions
  • Direct the team and organise outings
  • Assist in coaching the crew when the coach is not present
  • Provide feedback on the crew outing
  • Be responsible for the boat

For more information on coxing or how to join, please contact the club captain

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