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RIP Brian Lewis

Here are two poems read at Brian's funeral by his grand-daughter Connie:

Boat by Jack Horne...

The water surface calm and still,

I row my boat upon the lake,

And pull my oars with practiced skill.

In ripples with the strokes I make,

My own refection watches me.

Alone out there, I'm really free.

A Rowing Poem by Verity...

On the water the confusion stops,

the peace begins, the tension drops,

Rhythm, run, glide and catch,

Muscles work, mind does relax,

Body and boat synchronised,

the scullers grace exemplified,

Forever to be able to use the blade,

to traverse the water is my heaven made.

Club Kit

Off the water club kit such as hoodies, polos etc can now be purchased all year round. Please visit the Kit page for more details on how to order. Items are posted out so there is no minimum order required. For further information please contact Stuart.

RRCs New Crest

The new Runcorn Rowing Club crest is here. The crest is based on the original coat of arms for Runcorn. Further information on the coat of arms can be found here. The crest can be seen below along with the new medal design.

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